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Reading times:Release date:2021/12/29
TQ shredder is one of the series with advanced design, wide application, strong shredding ability and safe and convenient operation. It has the characteristics of large feeding size, external bearing, avoiding pollution, long service life, intelligent pushing, perfect safety protection and so on. It is a tearing equipment developed for solid materials such as plastic, engineering plastic, rubber, cable, packaged film, machine head material and so on. Single shaft shredder is a medium and low speed large torque crushing equipment with a wide range of applications. The crushed products can be sold as raw materials or produced into products through other equipment. According to the material type, the output of this series of shredders is about 300 kg / h to 5000 kg / h.
Application of single shaft shredder:
*Plastics - General Plastics, die blocks, etc. in the fields of injection molding, extrusion, film blowing, etc
*Wood - wood pallets, logs, wood leftovers, etc
*Paper - document paper, wrapping paper, cardboard, etc
*Cable – copper core, aluminum core and composite cable
*Aluminum - cans, aluminum chips, etc
*Chemical fiber - carpet, labor protection clothing, etc
*Sponge - industrial waste
*Composite materials - fiberglass products, automobile windscreens, sealant strips, etc
*Safe destruction - imitations (fakes), nonconforming products, expired items, etc
Working principle of single shaft shredder
The materials enter the shredding box through the feeding system. The box carries the shredding blade. The pushing box pushes the materials near the blade. The materials are shredded into small pieces through the comprehensive effects of tearing, extrusion and shearing of the shredding blade and discharged from the screen hole.
Features of single shaft shredder:
1. It is suitable for tearing materials with strong winding, and a small amount of light metal objects are allowed in the materials
2. The cost of tool use and maintenance is low
3. Under the same power, the price is relatively lower than that of double axis shredder, three axis shredder and four axis shredder
4. Convenient tool replacement
5. The material size can be adjusted according to the size of the screen aperture, and the equipment maintenance of the single shaft shredder
Maintenance of single shaft shredder equipment:
1. Regularly check whether the connection of each connecting part on the equipment is loose
2. Regularly check the current of the main motor of the equipment
3. Regularly check whether the hydraulic system is normal
4.3 regularly check the tool wear