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Reading times:Release date:2021/12/29
Metal shredder is a kind of special mechanical equipment for processing metal. The waste plastics treated by metal shredder not only improve the utilization of resources, but also reduce the waste of raw materials, but also improve our living environment. However, as mechanical equipment, it is inevitable to have one or another failure in daily work, For example, if the metal shredder vibrates during production, how should we solve it? The following small series will analyze and answer for you.
1、 If the rotor of the metal shredder is not concentric, we can move the motor to the left or right, or add a pad under the motor foot to adjust the concentricity of the two rotors.
2、 When the vibration frequency of the metal shredder is large, it may also be caused by the non concentric connection between the coupling and the rotor, or the uneven quality of the flat hammer inside the rotor. At this time, corresponding methods shall be taken according to different types of couplings.
3、 The vibration of the metal shredder may also be due to the lack of balance of the equipment itself. This may be because the fixing of the metal shredder is not firm enough. This problem can be solved well. It is only necessary to ensure the firmness of the metal shredder. The anchor bolts should be tightened to avoid the vibration of the metal shredder.
In short, if the metal shredder vibrates in the production process, it must be shut down immediately for inspection, find out the causes and take treatment measures.